“A Flaw in the Design is a literary thriller of the highest order. Oates manages, with wisdom and insight, to explore the vulnerability of parenthood, the economic injustice of New York City, middle-age compromise, and the fallibility of storytelling, all while telling a heart-pounding tale that commanded my attention from the first sentence to the last.”—Julia May Jonas, author of Vladimir

“This suspenseful debut novel keeps the reader on tenterhooks in a fearful family drama. Oh, this demands a sequel!”—Christine Schutt, author of Pure Hollywood

“With increasing tension and growing paranoia, A Flaw in the Design explores the threat of ‘the other’ while moving toward an inexorable truth: Anyone obsessed with ‘the other’ is actually the most dangerous person of all. A gripping, twisty psychological thriller about the destructiveness of toxic masculinity hell-bent on protecting its own. I couldn’t put it down.”—Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweetand Fierce Little Thing

“Get ready for a wild ride. Brutal and compelling, A Flaw in the Design is the story of a family driven toward destruction, as a father takes custody of the nephew he fears will wreck his life. This novel swerves and shocks before smashing into you, a T-bone collision you can hold in your hands.” — Julia Phillips, author of Disappearing Earth

Twitter: @NathanMOates

Agent: Anna Stein, ICM – astein@icmpartners.com

UK Agent: Sophie Lambert, C&W – sophie.lambert@cwagency.co.uk

Film/TV: Will Watkins, ICM – will.watkins@icmpartners.com

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